Privacy Policy

Principle we are based on.
1 : We collect and store the minimum amount of info for our service to work.
The reasons are:
- We must strive to acquire trust from users due to privacy sensitive nature of our product
- We do not adopt business model that rely on selling or abusing personal information
- Regulatory requirements with respect to handling personal information is huge burden for us
- Appropriate measures for protecting personal information is huge burden for us
So, we share the same interest with users with respect to privacy.
Providing the best possible privacy to users leads to the maximum benefit.
There is no conflict of interest unlike most organizations whose business model relies on
collecting personal information.
What information do we collect?
We receive or collect personal information when we operate and provide our Services.
1 : Contents you upload
- Uploaded Picture: We temporarily store pictures that you upload since they have to be
processed. We do not have the ability to view uploaded images or any results.
2 : Information you provide
- Your Email address: To purchase our product, to request support, you must provide email
address to us
- Support Request: We collect any additional information you disclose to us.
3 : Automatically collected information
- Device and Connection Information: We use Google Analytics, but don't segment users further
than that.
How we use the information we collect
Our primary purpose in collecting information is to help us operate, provide, improve, customize,
and support our Services.
1 : To provide deepnudify.com Services
- To process raw pictures
- To send purchasing related emails (confirmation emails, order delivery emails)
2 : To ensure quality control
- To limit usage in order to provide stable service
3 : For research and development purposes
- To customize, measure, and improve our Services and the content and layout of our website
and applications, and to develop new Services
- To find, diagnose and fix bug and malfunction in our Services and website
4 : To provide Service communications
- To reply contact requests
- To reply inquiries
How long do we keep your information?
We limit our retention of your personal information to only as long as necessary to fulfill the
purposes for which we collected it.
While retention periods vary by its purpose, information about our typical retention periods for
different aspects of your personal information are described below.
1 : Email address, Support Request
- Kept indefinitely in accordance with the storage limitation in order to investigate your service
related problems and provide support
2 : Uploaded Picture
- Until they are overwritten, they will be kept for 3 weeks at maximum.
- We delete instantly on your request. Typically, you can request right after processed pictures
are provided to you
- Some users can make deletion request anytime they want
3 : Device and Connection Information : kept indefinitely in accordance with the storage